Valve Steam Link hardware liquidation

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by CrueOndanet » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:39 am

After weeks of speculation I discovered why Valve is now liquidating their Steam Link hardware.

Valve turned Steam Link into an App that you can run on any AndroidTV, Tablet, Phone. (Android 5.0 and up required) ... .steamlink

iOS support is not available yet, but still in the works. Valve is waiting on Apple to "accept" their app and change a few "rules" too.

You still need a controller or mouse/keyboard. Which is why the steam controllers are still available.
Valve added Bluetooth support (BLE) in May as well. ... 9191608387

You can get their Steam Controller for as little as $33 USD, during the Summer Sale. Of course, this will likely be the case during all future seasonal sales they have. So don't worry if you missed it this go-round.
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