DIY Joystick/hotas stand <$100

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by ClamLiquor » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:33 pm

Okay, so we had a DIY build using PVC posted a while back, but I decided to make one using 1/2" iron pipe.
Iron pipe weighs more and is way more rigid so I feel that it's a better option especially for a floor resting stand.
This design is meant to have a total of 2 devices (1 on either of your chair), allows them to be moved independently, and even allows for a couple of inches of height adjustment and a few degrees of cant. If you want to build a single stand then it should cost half as much give or take a few bucks.

This design is based on 3 points of contact with the floor making it very stable.
Any joints that might be exposed to torque or used for height adjustment should be lined with plumbers' tape (or red thread locker if you don't plan to adjust it).

I used double sided outdoor mounting tape as my devices don't have screws or room to install them, but I would recommend screwing your devices to the flange seen at the top of the finished stand.

Erecting the stand is pretty self explanatory from the pictures so I won't go through that unless requested.
Here's a couple of tips though:
1. Wash the machining oil and metal flakes off of the parts when you get them home. You can use soap and hot water or degreaser.
2. Let the parts dry all the way. Rust will seize them pretty well over time and you may want to move or disassemble them later.
3. Only use plumbers' tape or thread locker where it's needed for the same reasons as tip #2.
4. You can use black iron or galvanized pipe or both. Your local hardware store might not have enough one or the other. For the purposes of this build the differences are only aesthetic. (Aluminum might also work but I didn't try it).
5. Leave the thread caps on the ends of the pipes touching the floor. This will add grip and save your floor from scratches. Save the other caps for when these caps get damaged.
6. If using mounting tape, use 2 layers. Put one on the flange and one on your device. This will stick much better.

This stand is at about 19" at the top of the flange. If you need one that is taller or shorter then replace the 4.5" pipe joining the legs to the flange with something of appropriate length.
For part ordering and cost reference
All parts/materials before building
By Chair.jpg
Stand sitting next to chair as it would be while playing. The stand legs don't interfere with the chair legs.
Parts Closeup.jpg
You should be able to build off of this picture.
Side View.jpg
From the side. Note the galvanized pipe is slightly angled to keep the flange perpendicular.
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